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Safety MSA Hearing Protection Ear Plugs and Bands
Safety MSA Hearing Protection Ear Plugs and Bands For personalized ear protection, MSA offers a variety of earplug types and styles, including some comparable to the protection provided by select MSA ear muffs. From disposable to reusable and from foam to silicone, these earplugs are easy to insert and comfortable to wear. Features & Benefits ● Perfect-fit protection ● Comfort-wear design ● Constructed of medical-grade silicone rubber or urethane foam ● Corded and non-corded versions available, depending on model Options & Specifications 4 models available: ● DuoBand Silicone Rubber ● DuoFit Silicone Rubber, corded and non-corded ● FormFit™ Disposable Foam, corded and non-corded (NRR: 29dB) ● Tri-Seal Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs (NRR: 25dB)
Last update : 28/01/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 suplier speroni pumps Palembang

Gas Detector BW Single Detector
Gas Detector BW Single Detector SINGLE GAS DETECTOR   Singe Gas Detector - Gas Alert Extreme : H2S, CO, O2, SO2, PH3, Cl2, NH3, NO2, HCN, ETO, CLO2, O3, or NO     Specifications : - H2S Hydrogen Sulfide : 0-100 ppm - CO Carbon Monoxide : 0-1000 ppm - CO Carbon Monoxide, H2 Resistant  : 0-1000 ppm - O2 Oxygen : 0-30.0% - SO2 Sulfhur Dioxide : 0-100 ppm  - Cl2 Chlorine  : 0~50.0 ppm - HCN Hydrogen Cyanide : 0~30.0 ppm - NO2 Nitrogen Oxide 0~99.9 ppm - NH3 Ammonia : 0~100 ppm - PH3 Phosphine : 0~5.0 ppm - 03 Ozone : 0~1 ppm - ETO Ethylene Oxide 0~100 ppm - NO Nitric Oxide : 0~250 ppm - CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide : 0~1 ppm   Features : - Rugged, IP 66/67 highly water resistance design - Size 28 x 50 x 95 mm, weight 82 gram - 2 year battery life (typical with replaceable  3V battery - Internal vibrating alarm - Equipped with plug-in replaceable sensor
Last update : 28/02/2013
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 suplier speroni pumps Palembang

Neotronics Impact Pro-Personal Multi-Gas Monitors
Neotronics Impact Pro-Personal Multi-Gas Monitors Neotronics Impact Pro-Personal Multi-Gas Monitors Reliable Operation       Pre-calibrated plug-in sensor cartridge       High specification sensors       Patented Surecell toxic sensors       Stable and accurate     Easy to Use       One button on/off       Multi-lingual, intuitive menu system       On screen prompts guide user       Built-in correction factors for flammable gases       Minimal training required                 General Specification           Use : Portable multigas monitor for the protection of personnel from      up to four hazardous gases in the working environment Available to detect# : Flammable, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur      Dioxide, Chlorine, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide. User interface : Ultra clear, backlit, alphanumeric display. Intuitive push button      menu system with user selectable operation in English, French,     German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Other languages available upon request. Configuration and data download : Supplied configured, ready to use including data-logging as standard.      Configurable via optional PC software and base station     for control of logging functions and data download Construction : Impact resistant plastic, anti-static to EN50014 Dimensions : 49mm x 84mm x 136mm (1.9” x 3.3” x 5.3”) Weight : Maximum 520g (18oz) including rechargeable battery      and optional pump IP rating : Instrument IP67 (NEMA 4 & 6). Operating temperature : -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F). Storage temperature : Instrument -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F). Humidity range : Continuous 20 to 90%RH. Intermittent 0-99%RH non-condensing. Alarms : 3 levels of instantaneous alarm per channel. Time weighted average      alarms on toxic channels.Supplied pre-set (user configurable via     optional PC software and base station). Audible alarm : Periodic confidence bleep with differing dual tone for fault, gas      alarm and warning rated 85dBA at 1m (90dBA at 1ft). Visual alarm : Green confidence flash with rapid red flashing for fault, gas      alarm and warning indication. Battery performance : Ni-MH rechargeable, operating life > 10 hours (Charging time 7 hours).     Dry cell disposable > 17 hours. Nominal reduction of 10%      when used with pump Optional pump : Supplied as standard with Impact Pro. Typical flow rate 0.3l/min.     Automatic start/stop feature with auto-test on start-up and flow fail alarm Approvals : Europe: Ex II 2G, EEx ia d IIC T4 (ATEX).     USA: Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D (UL).     Canada: Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D (CSA).     Australia (surface): Ex ia s Zone 0, I/IIB, T4.     Australia (mines): MDA GD 5053.     DMT: DMT 02 ATEX G 001 PFG Nr. 41300502.     Brazil: BR-Ex ia d IIC T4 (INMETRO).     Marine: Marine Equipment Directive MED 96/98/EC Standard supply : Each instrument is supplied complete with quick start guide, multi-lingual      operating instructions on CD, dry cell battery holders     and batteries, belt clip and flow adaptor. Fully configured and      ready to accept either disposable or serviceable sensor cartridges     the key considerations in selecting either the Impact or Impact Pro are highlighted below Cartridge type : Disposable or Serviceable Integral pump/pump adaptor : Disposable or Serviceable Vibrating alarm : Yes Vibrating alarm : Yes Safelink : Yes       Optional accessories : A wide range of optional accessories are available including:     Base station and Impact Configuration Utility (required for data download and configuration).     Rechargeable NiMH batteries for use with base station or offline charger.     Enforcer calibration system.     Safelink communication system.     Pre-entry sample probes including hand aspirator, 1m probe, tubing and ball float.     Body harness and harness clip offering alternate mounting arrangements.     Field case for housing of all accessories as required.           Refer to cartridge datasheet for gas specific data
Last update : 27/02/2013
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 Safety suplier speroni pumps Palembang

Safety Masker
Safety Masker MASKR Anti Polution Mask Plus Activated Carbon Filter Filter Carbon Active MASKR dengan Super ACC Filter, diproses dengan tekniologi termutakhir dalam aktifasi karbon menghasilkan luas area penyerapan yang sangat tinggi mencapai 1550 meter persegi/gram dengan kemampuan penyerapan terhadap lebih dari 140 jenis bahan kimia Ideal for motorcyclist, industrial worker, policemen, mechanic, paint spraying, etc CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation EN779-1992 DIN 24185/EU2 53438/F1 Flame Resist
Last update : 01/02/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 suplier speroni pumps Palembang
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Kacamata Keselamatan Kerja

Kacamata pengaman pada umumnya digunakan oleh pekerja konstruksi dan industri. Pekerjaan ini membutuhkan kacamata pengaman untuk melindungi mata dari partikel atau debu dan tumpahan kimia. Pada pekerjaan sepasang kacamata pengaman diperlu....

Alat Keselamatan Kerja (Helm)

Salah satu alat keselamatan kerja adalah helm. helm adalah alat yang dipakai dikepala sebagai pelindung yang biasanya terbuat dari kevlar, serat resin, fiberglass, molded plastic. Bekerja sangat mungkin terjadi kecelakan seperti terjatuhnya benda keras kearah kepala. Untuk itu seorang pekerja memerlukan helm untuk pelindung kepala, karena suatu kecelakaan dapat terjadi kapan saja, tanpa diketahui sebelumnya. dengan menggunakkan helm kepala akan terlindungi dengan harapan terhindar dari luka karena kecelakaan...

Cara Mengatasi Kebakaran

Bahaya kebakaran adalah bahaya yang diakibatkan oleh api yang mengakibatkan penderitaan dan malapetaka baik moral maupun material, penyebab kebakaran: 1. merokok 2. nyala api terbuka 3. alat alat las 4. konsleting arus listrik 5. zat cair mudah terbakar untuk mengurangi kerugi...


Pengertian keselamatan kerja adalah keselamatan yang berhubungan dengan tempat kerja maupun tenaga kerja. Hal ini mencakup segala tempat kerja, baik didarat, didalam tanah, dipermukaan air, didalam air, maupun diudara.
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