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Gas Detector Altair Pro Single Gas
Gas Detector Altair Pro Single Gas ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector         The ALTAIR® Pro Detector automatically records the last 50 alarm or test events and has active data-logging.  50 alarm or test events and has active data-logging.  To read data or change alarm set points simply connect the unit to an  MSA infrared adapter using the built-in IR communication port.       Applications     Chemical     Construction     Electric Utility     Firefighting     Gas Detection     General Industry     Hazardous Materials     Indoor Air Quality     Manufacturing     Nuclear     Oil and Gas     Water/Wastewater     Hazards     Leak Detection     Oxygen Deficiency     Toxic Atmosphere IDLH     Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH           ALTAIR     Physical Characteristics     Size : Instrument shall not exceed 3.4” x 2.0” x 1.0” in total size Weight : 4.0 oz including clip. Handling : Unit shall be easy to operate Case Material : Conductive rubber housing Environmental Protection : Instrument shall be rated to IP67 protection levels for dust/water ingress Display Location : Display is viewable from the front Carrying Attachments : Unit shall have various optional belt attachments:     􀂃 Suspender style clip     􀂃 Lanyard     􀂃 Cell phone belt clip Event log : Unit shall be equipped with standard event data logging of no less than 25     events before overwriting oldest logged events. User Interfaces     Display Info : Liquid crystal display [LCD] with large, easy to read characters. Must     display remaining instrument life with a single button press as well as:     􀂃 Alarm set points     􀂃 Peak readings     􀂃 Total time in alarm since activation Alarms : Must be equipped with visual, vibrating and audible alarms. Audible     alarms sound at an average of 95 dB @ 1 foot.     Visual alarms shall be bright and must be viewable from top, front and     sides. Buttons : Unit must have no more than one pushbutton to operate. No access to     internal switches shall be necessary for any instrument operations. Data Access : Access to the data log shall be non-intrusive using MSA Infrared Link to     IBM-compatible computers and MSA FiveStar® Link® version 4.3 or     higher. Bump test : Display shall have an indication of successful bump test for 24 hours     after conducting bump test Operating Lifetime : Instrument shall operate continuously for > 24 months. Confidence flash : Unit shall periodically (average every 60 seconds) confirm proper     operation by:     􀂃 confidence flash on Alarm LEDs     􀂃 confidence dot on display (heartbeat indicato Monitoring     Instrument activation Instrument shall have provisions to prevent inadvertent activation Inadvertent Shut Off Once activated, instrument must not turn off inadvertently. Sensor Types   Instrument shall be available with the following gas sensing capabilities:       Gas Type : Oxygen Sensor Type : Echem Range : 0-25% Resolution : 0.1 Vol.%       Gas Type : Carbon Monoxide Sensor Type : Echem Range : 0-500 ppm Resolution : 1 ppm       Gas Type : Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Type : Echem Range : 0-100 ppm Resolution : 1 ppm       Certifications     Intrinsic Safety Approval : The detector must meet global approvals per:     􀂃 UL Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D     􀂃 CSA Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D     􀂃 ATEX II 2G EEx ia IIC T4     􀂃 Australia Ex ia IIC T4 Quality System : The instrument manufacturer must be certified compliant with ISO     9001 provisions Manufacturing : Instrument must be manufactured in the USA.       Order Information :     Part Number : 10074136
Last update : 27/02/2013
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 Safety suplier speroni pumps Jogjakarta

RUTLAND Safety Helmets
RUTLAND Safety Helmets RUTLAND Safety Helmets Lightweight, stable and comfortable fit with less leverage on the head and a lower centre of gravity, making it feel even lighter than it is. Short peak for enhanced visibility. The new DeFormaTec™ system reacts ultra quickly to absorb impact energy before it reaches the wearer. The helmet shell is a result of analysis of thousands of helmet crash tests. It is based on the same principle as a rigid yet flexible Formula 1 chassis, reacting on impact by partial deformation to absorb the shock. Weight each : 325g Order code : RTL-957 White (-0400K) Yelllow (-0420K)
Last update : 20/01/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 suplier speroni pumps Jogjakarta

Safety Helmet HR36 Blue Eagle
Safety Helmet HR36 Blue Eagle Description : ABS Shell with SU3R (Ratchet, 6-point Nylon Suspension) Features : BLUE EAGLE Safety Helmet Item No. : HR36 Material : ABS Color : Red, Orange, Blue, White, Yellow, Green Suspension: Ratchet, 6-point nylon suspension Features: ● Electrical insulation. ● 6-point suspension provides better impact resistance. ● Complied with CE EN397. ● Made in Taiwan.
Last update : 20/01/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 suplier speroni pumps Jogjakarta

Safety Faceshields Besgard
Safety Faceshields Besgard Besgard-Faceshields Comprises Of 1.Visor Holder  - Yellow Sheel   - Material : ABS Resin  - Browguard prevents forehead injuries  - Adjustable ratchet suspensiom and sweatband for  added comfort   2.Visor Bracket  - Semi alumunium construction and plastic grooved frame  - Grooved frame with spring coil , easy to install on helmet and sturdy   3.Faceshieled Visor   - Size : 8" x 15½"  - Clear Lens  - Material : pc visor with alumunium bound  - Heat and impact resistance  - Used with bracket and/or headgear  - Provides protection agains foreign particles & chemical splash
Last update : 22/02/2013
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 Safety suplier speroni pumps Jogjakarta
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Kacamata Keselamatan Kerja

Kacamata pengaman pada umumnya digunakan oleh pekerja konstruksi dan industri. Pekerjaan ini membutuhkan kacamata pengaman untuk melindungi mata dari partikel atau debu dan tumpahan kimia. Pada pekerjaan sepasang kacamata pengaman diperlu....

Alat Keselamatan Kerja (Helm)

Salah satu alat keselamatan kerja adalah helm. helm adalah alat yang dipakai dikepala sebagai pelindung yang biasanya terbuat dari kevlar, serat resin, fiberglass, molded plastic. Bekerja sangat mungkin terjadi kecelakan seperti terjatuhnya benda keras kearah kepala. Untuk itu seorang pekerja memerlukan helm untuk pelindung kepala, karena suatu kecelakaan dapat terjadi kapan saja, tanpa diketahui sebelumnya. dengan menggunakkan helm kepala akan terlindungi dengan harapan terhindar dari luka karena kecelakaan...

Cara Mengatasi Kebakaran

Bahaya kebakaran adalah bahaya yang diakibatkan oleh api yang mengakibatkan penderitaan dan malapetaka baik moral maupun material, penyebab kebakaran: 1. merokok 2. nyala api terbuka 3. alat alat las 4. konsleting arus listrik 5. zat cair mudah terbakar untuk mengurangi kerugi...


Pengertian keselamatan kerja adalah keselamatan yang berhubungan dengan tempat kerja maupun tenaga kerja. Hal ini mencakup segala tempat kerja, baik didarat, didalam tanah, dipermukaan air, didalam air, maupun diudara.
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