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Safety Glasses Kings KY 811
Safety Glasses Kings KY 811 KINGS VIVA SAFETY EYEWEAR KY 811 Brand: KINGS Department: Personal Protection Equipment Category: Eye Protection - Dual-Material temples with co-injected with soft temple tips provide comfortable fit - Close-fit: 10 base curve lens offers wide & unostructed vision - 99% UV radiation block-out - Anti-scratch coating - Comply with CE 166, ANSI Z87.1 &AS/NZS 1337
Last update : 23/01/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 fogging pump taiwan

Dyna-Fog Mister III (2630)
Dyna-Fog Mister III (2630) Dyna-Fog Mister III (2630)     Specifications     Dispenses wettable powders, emulsifiable  concentrates and flowables with a non-  flammable carrier at a rate of 12 gallons per hour. Patented electric starting system--eliminates hand pumping.  Corrosion resistant polyethylene formulation/gasoline tanks.  Selector valve enables instant fog "on" or "off"-and a  purge mode to prevent clogging.  Stainless steel filter in formulation tank.  Removable battery holder for easy access. 3-position switch enables operator to select from  a choice of battery supplies (see back)  Auxiliary start battery           Type : Thermal aerosol-fog, resonant pulse principle  Formulation Output : 0-12 U.S. Gal/hr. 0-45.4 Liters/hr. Engine Performance : 44 Hp/hr. 33 Kw/hr, Fuel Consumption : .6 U.S. Gal/hr .2.3 Liters/hr. Weight (empty) : 39 Ibs. 17,7 Kg.  Weight (full) : 72 Ibs. 32.7 Kg. Fuel tank Capacity : .5 U.S. Gallons 1.9 Liters Formulation Tank Capacity : 3 U.S. Gallons 11.4 Liters Power Supply : (8)1.5VD"size alkaline batteries or a 12     VDC automobile "cigarette lighter" adapter Length : 61 in. 154.9cm. Width : 15 in. 38.1 cm. Height : 16.8 in. 42.7cm. Shipping Data : LxWxH 64x20x21 in. 163x51x53 cm. Weight : 71 Ibs. 32 Kg. Volume : 15.56 cu. ft. .44cu.m.
Last update : 05/03/2013
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 Fogging fogging pump taiwan

Safety MSA Head Protection Cairns® 1044 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet
Safety MSA Head Protection Cairns® 1044 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet The Cairns® 1044 traditional fire helmet has the rough, durable matte finish desired by many firefighters. Constructed from a through-colored, Duraglas™ composite material that resists cracking and chipping. This is the perfect combination of durability and performance in a lightweight, high performance design. Traditional style with high-tech performance. ◦ Features & Benefits : ● Non-corroding, high-temperature glass-filled faceshield/goggle hardware ● Full brim protection ● Rugged, high-temperature (TPR) edge trim will not melt or drip ● Soft black Nomex chinstrap features one-hand quick-release buckle and postman slide for quick removal and adjustment ● Nomex or PBI/Kevlar earlap for increased neck/ear coverage and protection ● Patented shell release increases neck and head protection ● Three-position rear ratchet height adjust for a secure and comfortable fit ● SCBA interface front headband adjustment matches the fit of any SCBA mask. ● Removable flannel or leather cushion liners ● Minimal parts for lower service cost and easier maintenance. ● 5-year shell replacement warranty ◦ Applications : ● Firefighting ◦ Approvals & Certifications : NFPA 1971-2007 certified ● USA Approvals
Last update : 21/01/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 fogging pump taiwan

Safety MSA SCBA 3S Positive Pressure Full-Face Masks
Safety MSA SCBA 3S Positive Pressure Full-Face Masks With more than five million units sold, the upgraded 3S Full-Facepiece Respirator offers safety, comfort and durability. The face blank is made of a softer rubber compound (and also yellow silicone in another option) and has a wide sealing frame and deeper chin stop for a snug, comfortable fit. The lens is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (and silicate-coated glass and Triplex glass in other options) and offers a wide field of vision for excellent viewing. The harness allows for quick donning and removal and achieves a pressure-f Features & Benefits ● Over 50 versions for your convenience ● Available in standard and small sizes ● Several versions of harnesses: rubber, silicone, Nomex EZ-don, adapters for mask-helmet-combinations ● Lens variants coated in polycarbonate & Triplex glass, also for high mechanical and chemical resistance ● Broad range of accessories ● Also available as mask-helmet-combination
Last update : 03/02/2014
HUBUNGI : Telp. 021 70812525, HP : 0821 1326 2123 fogging pump taiwan
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Kacamata Keselamatan Kerja

Kacamata pengaman pada umumnya digunakan oleh pekerja konstruksi dan industri. Pekerjaan ini membutuhkan kacamata pengaman untuk melindungi mata dari partikel atau debu dan tumpahan kimia. Pada pekerjaan sepasang kacamata pengaman diperlu....

Alat Keselamatan Kerja (Helm)

Salah satu alat keselamatan kerja adalah helm. helm adalah alat yang dipakai dikepala sebagai pelindung yang biasanya terbuat dari kevlar, serat resin, fiberglass, molded plastic. Bekerja sangat mungkin terjadi kecelakan seperti terjatuhnya benda keras kearah kepala. Untuk itu seorang pekerja memerlukan helm untuk pelindung kepala, karena suatu kecelakaan dapat terjadi kapan saja, tanpa diketahui sebelumnya. dengan menggunakkan helm kepala akan terlindungi dengan harapan terhindar dari luka karena kecelakaan...

Cara Mengatasi Kebakaran

Bahaya kebakaran adalah bahaya yang diakibatkan oleh api yang mengakibatkan penderitaan dan malapetaka baik moral maupun material, penyebab kebakaran: 1. merokok 2. nyala api terbuka 3. alat alat las 4. konsleting arus listrik 5. zat cair mudah terbakar untuk mengurangi kerugi...


Pengertian keselamatan kerja adalah keselamatan yang berhubungan dengan tempat kerja maupun tenaga kerja. Hal ini mencakup segala tempat kerja, baik didarat, didalam tanah, dipermukaan air, didalam air, maupun diudara.
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